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பூனைக் கண்காட்சி பராகுவேயில் -World's biggest cat show in Prague

நாய்க்கண்காட்சி தான் கேள்விபட்டிருப்போம் ஆனால் இங்கே  பூனைக் 

கண்காட்சி பராகுவேயில் 

     Some of the fanciest felines on the planet went paw to paw at an international cat show in Prague over the weekend. 
     Cats of every kind, from Persian and exotic breeds, to the humble house cat, were judged on everything from their markings to their physical characteristics, in a claws-and-all competition to be named best in breed, 
Around 1,600 cats were shown at the event, which is said to be the biggest cat show of the year.  

 Living large: A member of the judging committee at the cat show, checks the length and form or the feline

 And what was your name?: A judge takes a close looks at a short haired breed, who cowers on the stage

 Pirate life: A syphx closes one eye and licks its lips while taking a break in a blanket between judging

Love is blind: The owner of a hairless sphynx shows her hairless friend some affection

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