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Earth care awards 2012: Celebrating the green champs

  NEW DELHI: No nation can face the challenge of climate change alone. On that note, the fourth edition of the Earth Care Awards crossed borders to bring into its fold the Saarc nations. The award ceremony on Friday was hosted by The Times of India and the JSW Foundation in association with Centre for Environment Education.

  The theme for this year's Earth Care Awards was "Aanchal" and talked of the environment as the protective mother. She needs to be respected and protected now for future generations to enjoy nature's bounty. The awards were initiated in 2008 and have, each year since then, recognised and rewarded innovation in the field of sustainable development. This year, for the first time, the awards appreciated India's neighbours for their war against climate change. These nations, like India, are fighting for their rightful place in the world, but are focused on sustainable models of development.

   Chief guest for the evening, minister for environment and forests Jayanthi Natarajan, lauded The Times of India for bringing the work of environment crusaders into national focus. She said sustainability and growth are not separate cultures but complement each other. "There can be no development unless integrity of the land is preserved. We have to cherish , nourish and keep our resources very carefully so we can hand over a healthy planet earth to generations that follow."

  For guest of honour, power minister Veerappa Moily, the road to sustainability is mapped in Gandhi's quote, "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed." He said much of the world's natural resources have perished because of a "crisis of character."

  The awards celebrate people working tirelessly to address concerns facing our environment. Arunabh Das Sharma, BCCL president, welcoming the gathering , said: "It's a global problem but the harshest impact is felt in the Third World because to come out of poverty, they tend to over-consume and overwork resources." Forums such as this debate such issues. He added: "This work can't be in isolation so we' extended our hands to our neighbours this year."
  The winners are ACC's Gagal Cement Works, Sri Lanka's Help-O , Bangladesh's ministry of forests and environment, Gujarat Energy Development Agency, Orchid Ecotel Hotel, NTPC's CeNPEEP, nonprofit Avani, Eco Task Force of the Garhwal Eco Warriors, Adya WiFi Metering and Coir Atlas.

  Sangita Jindal, chairperson of JSW Foundation said: "We are concerned about the environment but are encouraged by the many crusaders protecting Mother Earth. We have people living in hamlets striving to make our lives more liveable. It's important we recognise this work and give it publicity." The evening got off to an upbeat start with rock band EKA performing a special number Tere aanchal mein. Among those who attended were officials of the ministry of environment and forests ; ministry of power; high commissions of Bangladesh, Maldives, Australia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan; and embassies of Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Japan, Chile, US and Germany.

Of inventions & innovations the winners


   Power Pine Avani | Uttarakhand A100-200 KW power plant that generates electricity from waste pine needles via 'gasification' . The residual charcoal can be used as cooking fuel. The power can be sold to the state grid. Locals can sell pine needles and also work at the plant. Also a good way to remove a major source of forest fires.

  Cutting Costs Adya WiFi Metering | Andhra Pradesh An innovation in power distribution, the prototype wifi reading meter has a prepaid service with variable pricing; can integrate water, gas & other meters too. Has energy audit & accounting system. The 'smart city' meter cuts delivery losses to below 10%.

  Making Sun Shine GEDA | Gujarat The Gujarat Energy Development Agency made the state the first to have a Solar Power Policy in 2009 and followed it with an effective roll-out strategy. It's made Gandhinagar a solar city and issues Renewable Energy Certificates that's a marketbased tradable instrument. The city has a solar park, solar panels on the water canal etc. Geda's set up an Energy Transmission Company to provide grid connectivity.

  Brute Jute Coir Atlas | Jharkhand Made from bamboo and jute, this is a separator for use in transportation and storage. Himanshu Sheth's product has passed tests by IIT Kharagpur, steel firms and transporters for utility, resilience and strength. Easy to make, it can replace the currently used single-use hard wood and selfhelp groups can manufacture it.

  Big Energy Savings ACC Cement | Gagal Cement Works The unit at Bilaspur in Himachal wins for its focus on energy efficiency. Increasing capacity and produc-tion didn't stop Gagal from its focus on thermal & electrical energy savings. It promotes plantation and biodiversity drives. Monitoring led by team familiar with latest trends & technology.

  High Tech, Low Cost CenPEEP | NTPC NTPC set up the Centre for Power Efficiency & Environmental Protection in Oct 1995. Its Ramagundum power unit wins for optimal performance in efficiency & reliability at coal-fired power stations. Weeklong training per employee every year, thrust is on low cost and sustainable technology.

  Clean Stay Orchid Ecotel | Mumbai The hotel adheres to Ecotel certification guidelines. Ecotel is an environmental certification specific for hospitality. Its practices involve the entire chain from owners, architects to staff and guests.

  Zero Waste Help-O | Sri Lanka Started post-tsunami , the NGO, set up in Aug 1998 deals with waste management. It works in 200 locations in Galle city near the southern tip of the island nation.

  Coastal Call Min of Envmironment & Forests | Bangladesh A team of six works with forest, agriculture and fisheries depts to tackle coastal vulnerability. Bangladesh faces 'creeping' climate risks: increasing freshwater salinity, drainage congestions, damaged ecosystems. Their successful project in four coastal villages that balances livelihoods and lifestyles with eco-systems is being scaled up with international aid.

  Green March Garhwal Eco Warriors | Uttarakhand Started in 2004, the Eco Task Force 127's Mana project in the upper reaches of Uttarakhand is a unique partnership model between the Indian Army, state govt and the Forest Research Institute. It focuses on ecorestoration activities. The projects have been endorsed as ideal for border communities in the Himalayan range. 
                                                                                Courtesy-Times Of India

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